United Way of the Brazos Valley Program Wins $25,000 Grant Thanks to Community Support

United Way of the Brazos Valley’s health care transportation program, Ride2Health, has won a $25,000 grant from State Farm thanks to online votes from the community. This rideshare program connects local volunteer drivers to patients needing transportation to non-emergency health care appointments, mental health services and pharmacies.

With the grant funds, United Way of the Brazos Valley launched the program with five local partner organizations, including the Prenatal Clinic, MHMR Authority of Brazos Valley, the Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Health for All, and HealthPoint.

“So many neighbors struggle on a daily basis to get to doctor’s visits, the pharmacy or any number of errands that most of us take for granted,” said Liz Dickey, Executive Director of Health for All. “Transportation barriers lead to rescheduled or missed appointments, delayed care and missed or delayed medication use and can result in increased health expenditures and overall poorer health outcomes. Removing this one barrier to accessing basic healthcare will have a ripple effect that will truly change lives.”

In August 2022, United Way of the Brazos Valley was selected as one of the top 200 finalists out of 2,000 nationwide applications. The next step in the grant process was a ten-day online vote to decide the top 40 programs to receive funding.

United Way of the Brazos Valley was the only finalist from the Brazos Valley, and one of only 15 organizations selected from the state of Texas.

“Throughout the ten days of voting, Ride2Health stayed in the top 40 ranked programs,” said Peggi Goss, President and CEO. “Many of the other programs were in cities with much higher populations and had the potential to reach more people. It’s a testament to the commitment of the Brazos Valley that we won this grant. We are so grateful for the time and effort of our community.”

United Way of the Brazos Valley is always recruiting volunteer drivers. To register to receive more information about becoming a volunteer driver, click the “Register to Volunteer” button below or visit volunteerbrazosvalley.org

“I am happy to be a part of the United Way and this community where we can identify a need and then continue to work toward a solution until we have moved the needle and done what needed to be done,” said Dickey. “It is often far too easy to say ‘the problem is too big’ or ‘I can’t change it.’ Instead, we have a prime example of people fighting for change and not accepting that they couldn’t do it. As a result, our neighbors will have a better shot at a happy and healthy life. That’s a huge deal and I could not be prouder to be a part of it.

Ride2Health Volunteer Drivers – United Way of the Brazos Valley

Are you searching for a volunteer opportunity that will directly impact a neighbor in need? If so, Ride2Health offers a way to drive residents to healthcare appointments and pharmacies. Please register to receive additional information. Volunteers will be required to submit to a background screening and provide proof of current driver’s license and full coverage insurance.

For additional information, please contact Emma Wright at ewright@uwbv.org.

United Way of the Brazos Valley fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in the Brazos Valley.