We offer a variety of newsletters to keep you up to date on United Way and the community.

2-1-1 Community Information Digest

We send a twice monthly newsletter on community events and job opportunities. If you have an event or job opportunity to add to the 2-1-1 Community Information Digest, see the submission guide below.

County Communicator

We send a quarterly report detailing 2-1-1 Texas call demographics and needs in the Brazos Valley with county-by-county breakdowns for Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington counties, as well as reports for the City of Bryan and the City of College Station. For more information on United Way reporting, click here.

Volunteer Brazos Valley

We send a monthly newsletter with information on local volunteer opportunities. If you would like to add a volunteer opportunities to Volunteer Brazos Valley, click here.

2-1-1 Community Information Digest Submission Guide

As a publication of 2-1-1 Texas, the Community Information Digest must comply with the statutes of the organization. The list below indicates organizations or individuals who are fitting for 2-1-1 Texas inclusion. All events must take place within the Brazos Valley (Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, Washington counties) to be considered for publication. When considering submissions for inclusion, the following list will be consulted:

  • Federal, state, county, and/or municipal government social service programs
  • Community, nonprofit, and/or faith-based organizations that offer social services to the community at large
  • Critical for-profit health and human services
  • Health and human service advocacy groups and professional organizations
  • For-profit health and human services that provide a community service, AND at least one of the following:
    • Hosting an event/fundraiser directly benefiting a local nonprofit organization
    • A sliding fee scale or for free
      Offer a service not available in the nonprofit sector
    • Professional organizations, especially in social services and health related fields
    • Self-help and mutual support groups
    • Service clubs
    • Texas-based government agencies providing a social service or health, education, recreation, legal, or consumer protection services
    • Toll-free lines that provide information about, or direct access to, a health and human service resource, AND can be accessed by Texas residents
    • Transportation services for clients of state and local health and human service agencies

Please submit the event name, date, time, place, cost, and a description of the event (descriptions should contain a very brief narrative on who should participate, contact information for questions or registration and information on how the community will benefit). All submissions should be made via email, with the event name and date in the subject line to

Event Name:






Short Description:


Submission must be sent by the 1st or 3rd Tuesday at 5:00 PM to be included in that week’s edition. Event submissions for same-week events will not be published. Events submitted on Tuesday should occur no earlier than the following Friday. Events can be published up to two weeks before their occurrence. This allows adequate event promotion.


Save the Date run within approximately four to six weeks of the event date.

Employment Opportunity entries are for no longer than four weeks. If after that time, the position is still open, it can be resubmitted for inclusion.

Ongoing Event entries will run for no longer than four weeks. After that time, it can be resubmitted for inclusion for up to (3) three four week periods per calendar year.

Volunteer Opportunities are published in the Volunteer Brazos Valley newsletter and listed on the Volunteer Brazos Valley Website. For more information, please visit


*All questions and submissions may be sent to

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